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Dayun invests largest domestic civil commercial vehicle program

(, July 20, 2010) The largest domestic civil commercial vehicle program invested by Dayun has established in Hubei with total investment of 100 million Euros. Annual capacity of the program is 150,000 with annual value of 3 billion Euros since the program has completed. It will become the largest civil commercial vehicle program in China.

This program has taken 1136 unite area, and it shall be divided into two stages. The first stage contains converted auto production line with annual capacity of 30,000, and assembly line with 300 meters. The first stage will be completed in August 1st, 2010. The second stage contains two national leading assembly lines with each 300 meters. The capacity of 100,000 auto bodies will include coating line, compressing line, welding line, and modern interior decoration assembly line. It also contains annual capacity of 150,000 auto frames.


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