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Great Wall is expanding overseas market


(, Sep 8, 2010) It is learned by reporter that Great Wall Auto is to establish assembly production line in Philippines, Senegal, Bulgaria, Venezuela, and Malaysia at the end of 2012. The five new established plants have capacity with more than 100,000, and the overall capacity is more than 100,000.

The first Great Wall auto will run off from assembly plant in Senegal in Sep 30th, 2010. Assembly plant in Philippines is to be put into production at the end of 2010. Great Wall Auto plans to export 540,000 autos by 2015, and then the export volume will take 30% of annual sales volume of 1,800,000.

At the moment, overseas sales volume of Great Wall Auto has reached 30,000, ad the export countries are Italy, Australia, Egypt, Syria, and Mali, etc.

Great Wall Auto has reached cooperation proposal with South Africa, Brazil, Thailand, and Turkey.


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