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Development trend of domestic SPV

(, March 29, 2010) Development of SPV has a very close relationship with national economy, and it promotes economy development by applying in transportation, construction, and other fields. SPV has developed very fast based on the development of economy, infrastructure, and auto industry, and it makes great contribution to meet various demands and economy development. 

Some high-tech begins to broadly use on SPV, and the chassis meeting the requirement of special function have been researched and developed. However, the chassis, engine, and manufacturing technology of SPV in China is a long way from the developed countries.

SPV serve for each individual field of national economy, such as road transportation, construction machinery, mining, post, finance, sanitation, agriculture, aviation, food, police, and defense establishment. Each field needs special purpose vehicle meeting special function of the industry. 

SPV shall be developed into specialization trend, and it has defined as the new structure, high price performance, and special function vehicles shall be manufactured according to the customers’ special requirements.



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