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Sinotruk Golden prince snow sweeper vehicle is put into production in batch

(, Oct 21, 2010) Recently, 11 Sinotruk National IV golden prince snow sweepers have got the orders at Beijing 2010 Snow Sweeper Machine and Vehicle Exhibition Show. Sinotruk golden prince national IV heavy truck ha initiated the batch production at the market.

At the exhibition show, there are more than 20 snow sweeper equipment manufacturers attend at the exhibition. More than 40 snow sweeper equipments have participated in the exhibition, such as, multi-functional snow sweeper, snow melting watering vehicle, manual snow sweeper vehicles, etc. The exhibition is the largest exhibition conference with most snow sweeper varieties and highest science contents.

Sinotruk Commercial Vehicle Company Beijing Branch and the dealer have participated in the exhibition show with National IV Golden prince snow sweeper vehicles. It has got the appraisal of the customers and the orders of 11 snow sweepers have been got. 


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