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Hyva proposes new standard for hydro cylinder industry "Thrust ratio" was raised during Hyva introduction meeting of Cube K series hydro cylinder in Oct. 2011, and the new concept attracted many media and industry insiders.

What is thrust ratio?

As introduced by Chen Renqi, marketing director of Hyva, thrust ratio is a new industry standard raised by Hyva, and thrust ratio equals to max lifting force per weights of cylinder, and we can also say that thrust ratio means the lifting capability of unit system weight.

Chen Renqi, marketing director of Hyva

After years of research, Hyva realized that the weightness of hydro cylinder and lifting power are two key indicators for working force of hydro cylinder. Weightness of hydro cylinder is reciprocal of thrust ratio, and max lifting is direct ratio of it.


Currently there is no formal standard to judge whether hydro cylinder is good, and customers can employ this simple standard to choose the proper products.
Hyva takes 45-60% market shares for hydro cylinders, and many customers deem that Hyva products feature durable and high rate of attendance.


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