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Sinotruck Awarded the New Order In the past few days, Chengdu branch of Sinotruck Jinan Sales Office joining hands with Xichang Jinchen Trading Company conducts a 15-day tour road show for its New Yellow River Mountain Dumpers. During the trip, 20 intended users are reached and 3 New Yellow River mountain dumpers are ordered.

Xichang locates in hilly terrain with rugged mountain roads. At the end of 2012, technicians from Sinotruck taking Xichang’s terrain into consideration designed a mountain dumper with 5.3-meter and 5.6-meter tanks and 240 horse powers. Such a dumper meets mountain road’s features such as numerous sharp turns, big gradient and bearing capacity. In 2013 when the dumper just comes into market, Xichang Jinchen dealer has sold tens of such dumpers in only three months.  

In the middle of June, Sichuan Branch and Xichang Jinchen conduct a tour road show for the new Yellow River mountain dumper in areas with many mountain roads such as Pingchuan, Yanyuan, Meiyu, Muli, Luguhu, etc. During the tour road show, they meet quite a lot of old customers. One user in Pingchuan Lan Minghong speaks highly of Sinotruck that “Sinotruck is very good. It can contain a large quantity of goods. I use the dumper to transmit iron ore. I make a lot of money with this truck and other people doing the same job are getting far behind me thanks to this dumper.” Another user who works at a cement factory says proudly that “I’m one of the first users buying New Yellow River. At first I was worried but now I feel so lucky to buy it. If I use the dumper to contain 25 tons of cement from Yanyuan to Yunan, I save a lot of gases worth of at least 100 RMB compared with my previous dumper. And I can arrive at destination one hour earlier than before.” 

When the road show almost comes to an end, a user sees the road show car on the road and follows it and buys one dumper. He said “I heard that the quality of New Yellow River is very good. I happened to see your road show and find the appearance of the dumper is nice. So I decided to buy one immediately.”


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