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Baudouin Localized M26 Series Diesel Engine Certified by CCS Recently, localized M26 series diesel engine is certified by CCS as well as IMO 2nd emission requirements, which is manufactured by Moteurs Baudouin (Weifang) Power Co., Ltd, the subsidiary of Weichai Power. This stands for enhanced competitiveness of Weichai in the ship equipment field and its stable implement of product strategy.

Established in 1956, CCS, as a national ship technology survey institute, is the only professional organization in ship classification survey and one of IACS ten members. Its technology authority and justice has been approved and affirmed by both China and overseas. It is learned that this inspection and survey of M26 consists of drawing information audit by surveyors and live experimental audit. Thus, Baudouin localized M26 series diesel engine gets passed and certified eventually.

Baudouin M26 series is the mainstream product of Moteurs Baudouin owned by Weichai, which is a ship engine of high speed and power. It is not of compact structure, strong power, fuel conservation and environmental protection, with 16L-32L output volume. In 2012, M26 series engine successfully realized localization in our China and was exported to France, which fulfilled the blank of products in this range by Weichai.

This certification and approval stands for the domestic advanced level of localized M26 series ship engine in manufacturing design, technological process and product quality. Thus, further extension of ship market of Weichai is ensured.

Simultaneously, WP13 ship diesel generator of Weichai also gets certified by CCS and Tier II Emission Approval.


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