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Beiben and Yuchai Invest 1.51 Billion Yuan to a Joint Engine Project On Oct.12th of 2013, ground-breaking ceremony of a joint engine project of Beiben and Yuchai is held in the Baotou High-end Equipment Zone.

It is learned that this joint engine project is with the effort of Inner Mongolia First Machinery, Beifang Chuangye, Beiben, Yuchai and Y&C Engine. The investment is 1.51 billion Yuan and it covers 460 Mu. The construction guide is to achieve annual capacity of 0.1 million diesel and gas engines in three phases. In the first period, the investment is 0.6 billion Yuan for annual capacity of 70,000 engines. Construction phases would be started depending on market performance. When all completed, the annual revenue can be 7 billion Yuan.

This project implementation is not only a result of complementary advantages and resources of these companies mentioned above, but also a concrete 8337 strategy of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region. This is to be a new spotlight of the autonomous region and development of industry.


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