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Foton Wins Three Orders of 100 units each for Auman GTL Trucks Reported on fourth Dec.2014, Foton Daimler Automotive Company signed with Yunnan Honghezhou Heyuan Agriculture Development Corporation for 100 units of Auman GTL trucks (super edition) on 15th Nov.2014.
Foton Wins Three Orders of 100 units each for Auman GTL Trucks
As well, on 23rd Nov., 100 units of the same models were successfully delivered to Ningxia Baosheng Logistics Company, another big order of a hundred of units for this builder, second to the purchasing of Beijing Xianglong Logistics Corp. (70 units have been delivered already) in China. Outstanding performance of Auman heavy trucks is demonstrated once more.

Equipped with Cummins ISG power, Auman GTL trucks are available in great power and extraordinary safety, indispensable factors winning clients. High efficiency and perfect matching service guarantee are unique successful dedication of this model. In fact, Foton promotes free maintenance of the whole vehicles within three years, without the limitation of mileage and that of engines within the mileage of 200,000 km, as the first supplier of such service in China. As well, 24-hour time- limited service guarantee.


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