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20 units of Shacman LNG Port Tractors Delivered in Yingkou Port 10 Dec.2014, 20 units of Shacman LNG tractors were grandly delivered in Port Yingkou in Liaoning Province, favored by customers for energy conservation, environment protection and smart operation.

As the special working conditions in ports, a higher demand is required on ferry tractors with the fact that short driving distance, frequent starting-up, constant turning, heavy loading at low speed, in the respects of axels, suspensions, transmissions as well as vehicle panels, compared with the that on conventional vehicles, in particular, referring to safety and reliability.

In terms of port features in Yingkou and customers’ requirements, the builder deploys Weichai gas engines for great power and environment protection, Fast automatic transmissions for smart operation, making perfect power train in accordance with the high demand on tractors in ferry working conditions, specially designing for ports, competitive for the overall product performance.


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