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Sichuan Hyundai Will Roll Out New Trago Slag Truck As the leading joint-venture enterprise in the commercial vehicle industry, Sichuan Hyundai Motor Co., Ltd. improves itself continuously. Sichuan Hyundai will roll out the new Trago slag truck in 2016 on the basis of its advantageous truck and deep development of the subdivided market. Sichuan Hyundai intended to improve its product layout, develop “high-end heavy-duty truck with advanced technology” and strengthen its status in the commercial vehicle market.

1.New complete-sealed environmental-friendly slag truck

The spilling and leaking of slag truck has been very serious. What’s worse, some slag trucks are overloaded, which makes the slag truck criticized seriously for being the main source of dust in cities. The construction garbage spilled out from slug trucks on roads, on the one hand, greatly affect sanitation, on the other, has bad impact on traffic safety. The Trago slag truck equipped with new complete-sealed device can effectively prevent the arising of dust and leaking. Meanwhile, it has excellent performance in sealing.

2.U-shaped truck hopper is excellent in appearance and application.

The design of truck hopper with loading task is vital for it will accompany users for long time. The loading performance of truck hopper was taking into consideration for priority in designing Trago slag truck besides its overall beauty. The scientific experiment proved that the U-shaped hopper of Trago slag truck not only has high loading capacity and complete discharging, but also its U-shaped cargo lightened its self-weight and effectively improved the utility rate of loading by its upgrading in structure, which is different from the ordinary method of increasing strength by thickening steels.

3.light-duty chassis design with new upgraded cost effectiveness

The Trago slag truck was designed with trimming light-duty chassis. This advanced chassis with high-tension steel frame and parabolic steel-plate spring can not only effectively reduce its self-weight, but also further lower the fuel consumption and reach the new standards of durability.

4.The tires with brushes solved the clay-sticking of tires
Much clay will stick on tires when slag trucks are driving in construction sites. The clay spilled on roads will greatly impact people’s walking and form dust after repeated rolling, which in turn has negative effect on sanitation. The tire brushes equipped on the Trago slag truck can timely clear the sticking clay on tires and reduce users’ troublesome at the time of keeping the truck’s cleaning.

5.Night-vision camera guarantees the driving safety
All of users of heavy-duty truck pay much attention to the driving safety. After deliberate consideration, Sichuan Hyundai equipped the cargo with night-vision camera, which, to great extent, reduces the blind spots, guarantees the driving safety and reduces the traffic accidents.

6.Beidou driving recorder creates intelligent driving circumstance
As the “Black Box” of driving, the importance of Beidou driving recorder is beyond doubt. The Beidou driving recorder equipped on the Trago slag truck can track the driving trails of truck. Moreover, the user can set the starting point and ending point according to his demand. It will alarm when the truck is driven out of the set areas. This can provide detailed and accurate data for users’ driving and create intelligent driving circumstance.


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