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Benz Actros 3344 6x4 Eco-friendly Mining Suction Truck A environmental friendly mining suction truck manufactured by Fujian Hishan Machinery Co. Ltd. and equipped with Benz Actros 3344 6x4 chassis appeared in Beijing Dongcun Village comprehensive treatment plant in December, 2015. It went through the ultra-clean and dry cleaning test on ordinary road condition for the first time in China. This mul-functional truck with ultra-strong suction performance can work under the inflammable & explosive and bio-chemical circumstances safely. It was used to clean the explosion accident happened in Tianjing on August, 12, 2015 before delivered to Beijing.

High-efficiency and Safe Sanitation Cleaning Equipment

The cleaning work of Tianjing explosion accident is different from ordinary road cleaning for the situation is very complex. There were all kinds of  accumulated scraps and dust on the road with 3-4-centimeter dirt left after first cleaning in some places. It was difficult to clean the melt objects which was adhesive with asphalt on the road. And the left auto parts, cement blocks and iron pieces, etc. had a negative effect on the driving and working of trucks. Chemical residues made the cleaning more difficult.

The environmental friendly mining suction truck manufactured by Fujian Hishan Machinery Co. Ltd. has super strong performance. Because the wind speed of the suction mouth can reach the speed of sound, the biggest suction force can be 90 KG. It can strip the pollutants compulsorily, not only the accumulated dust, sludge but also greasy dirt and chewing gum can be suctioned and cleaned quickly.

Besides, this truck is totally enclosed without throwing. It can completely clean the road surface and prevent the pollution from spreading again. Moreover, its working efficiency can be improved by more than 5 times compared with traditional sanitation trucks. Huang Xiangyang, the general manager of Fujian Hishan Machinery Co. Ltd. Said, “ we prevent the incomplete cleaning of dust and dangerous objects in working to the greatest extent. And we also effectively prevent the hazardous substances from permeating the soil and forming the second pollution. The truck is equipped with detecting device aimed at detecting hazardous substances. The remote controlling will protect the working staffs if it is necessary.

The slab-stones on the asphalt road can be clearly distinguished after cleaning in the ultra-clean and dry cleaning test of Beijing Dongcun Village comprehensive treatment plant.

Reliable and Robust Chassis for Municipal Truck

The chassis must has high quality if the truck work in complex circumstance for long time. The mining suction truck solely worked for 15 days and operated for 10 hours every day with cleaning area of over 100,000 square meter in bad road conditions in Tianjing cleaning task. The Actros 3344 6x4 chassis made great contribution to this achievement.

The Actros 3344 6x4 chassis is drove by dual axles with maximum speed ratio of 4.571 to guarantee the driving performance of truck and deal with complex road conditions besides its steady performance and superior quality. The power takeoff device is the part which is mostly connected to the working of truck in the chassis. This Actros 3344 6x4 mining suction truck is equipped with reliable power takeoff device. The truck can work during the driving. The output power of the power takeoff device can reach 395 KW, 1,500 N•M, which is used to push the operation of vacuum pump and generate great suction force.

Besides, the Benz municipal truck is also equipped with CAN bus line and PSM programming system to facilitate the intelligent modify of trucks.


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