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Shaanqi Delong Mining Dump Trucks Promote at 0.326 Million RMB CIMC slack Special Purpose Vehicle Co., Ltd. is promoting Shaanqi Delong duke yellow (mining) dump truck. And there are other truck modes are promoted. The promotion started from March, 15th till they are sold.

The main promoting truck mode is Shaanqi Delong (mining) dump truck which is equipped with F3000 middle-length flat-roof strengthened cockpit. Besides, it is installed with Weichai wp10.336 engine with output power of 336 horsepower. The engine conforms to China Ⅳ Emission Standards. Moreover, it is assembled with Fast 12JSD16 gear box. The rear axle is 16T MAN axle with speed ratio of 5.92. What’s more, this truck is also equipped with Linglong 12.00R20 steel-wire tire and 9.5-tone front axle. Those truck users who are interested in buying this truck can contact Shaanqi dealer.


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