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C&C Delivers 40 LNG Muck Trucks to Its Customer from Shenzhen

On October 30, CIIC and C&C jointly held the grandly ceremony of delivering 40 LNG muck trucks to its customer from Shenzhen in full support of local blue sky initiative.
C&C Delivers 40 LNG Muck Trucks to Its Customer from Shenzhen

The trucks delivered this time is powered by the clean and efficient LNG, which use about 25%-35% less energy than traditional fuel. More precisely, given that the vehicles runs 250km per day for 280 days a year, that would equal to 70 thousand kilometers and can save you RMB58,600 Yuan in a year. In addition, compared with the traditional diesel muck, it could reduce the levels of CO emissions by 90%, and few emission of hydrocarbons, nitrogen oxides, and particulate emissions are emitted.

According to the technical head from C&C, the LNG truck is highly intelligent apart from many other strengths like fuel economy and environmental friendly. It could use GPS/BDS to monitor and sent alarm to the muck transport regulatory department when you are found exceeding a speed, not properly sealed the van box, on a wrong way or other unexpected incidents. The on-board monitoring system can send and receive signals, in real time, about the vehicle status to occupants. For example, when overload, overspeed, fatigue driving are detected, the system will alert the driver. (


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