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Jiefang Promotes Aowei 6DM Engine in South Africa

Recently, Jiefang Engine Branch held a press conference in South Africa, promoting Aowei 6DM engine. 20 major customers and distributors in the country attended the conference.
Jiefang Promotes Aowei 6DM Engine in South Africa

Achieving high fuel efficiency and high reliability, Aowei 6DM has already gained great popularity in the domestic market.

CEO of Bidvest in South Africa attended the press conference, expressing his satisfaction with FAWDE’s products. Bidvest started using 6DL2 engines made by FAWDE in 2018. After a year’s operation, all these engines have been working smoothly. Thanks to this, the company plans to introduce 1,000 units FAWDE engines soon.

In recent years, FAWDE has been gaining a rising popularity in South Africa. In the first six months this year, the company sold over 1,900 units engines in the country, up by 78% year on year. In addition, Jiefang sold 40 units JH6 truck equipped with Aowei 6DM 13 liter engines.

After 4DX and 6DL engines, FAWDE’s new product, Aowei 6DM engine is set to becoming a new growing point for Jiefang in South Africa.


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