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XCMG HANWO-XG90 Dump Truck Made Debut in China

HANWO-XG90, a wide body dump truck, is a flagship model of XCMG for applications in construction and off-road engineering transportation. It is available in 6x4 configurations and powered by a Weichai engine with an output of 430hp. Mated to a FAST transmission and 35t rear axle, the truck has a maximum rating payload of 60 tonnes.
XCMG HANWO-XG90 Dump Truck Made Debut in China

HANVO-XG90 is not only reliable and durable, but also it provides better fuel economy and lower emissions. The advanced functions that the vehicle has include reversing camera, centralized lubrication system and emergency steering system and these functions are significantly improving the operation and safety of vehicle. Furthermore, HAVVO-XG90 is well-suited for use on tough ground, uneven terrain, deep pit or muddy road. People say XCMG has competitive advantages over its rivals in terms of powerful performance, easy operation, tense structure and large loading capacity.

Currently, XG90 has made its presence in the frontier of mining, hydraulic engineering construction, and transport of foundation trench earthwork across 30 countries in Austrilia, South East, Middle East and Africa.


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