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Dongfeng 5G + Autonomous Driving Container Trucks Go Into Trial Operation

On May 11, Dongfeng held an online press conference promoting its “5G + Autonomous Driving Container Truck”. Also at the conference, it officially released Autonomous Driving Container Truck Standards, 5G Intelligent Port All Scenario Whitebook and 5G Intelligent Port Implementation Plan & Blueprint. Upon the release of these documents, Wang Qiang, General Manager of Dongfeng Commercial Vehicle Co., Ltd. (hereafter referred to as Dongfeng) says they represent a huge step forward for the commercial application of autonomous driving vehicles.

On the same day, Dongfeng 5G + autonomous driving container truck passed an all-scenario operation test at Xiamen Port, marking a brand new era for the vehicle’s trial operation at the port. By taking full advantage of 5G technologies, Dongfeng 5G + autonomous driving container truck is set to bringing new transformations to modern ports and promoting their high-quality and sustainable development.

Making its debut, Dongfeng 5G + autonomous driving container truck is equipped with an electricity-powered chassis, a duel-motor direct drive, a duel-direction steering system, a high-precision positioning system, a laser radar system, complex sensors and other state-of-art technologies. Without a driver’s cockpit, the truck is able to perform such highly sophisticated tasks as actively sensing the operation environment, self-positioning, autonomous control, remote control, and distance communications.

According to Dongfeng, its 5G + autonomous driving container trucks will soon be widely used at many ports, helping them cut their costs and improve their overall work efficiency. In addition, they will play an essential role in building more environmentally friendly and highly automated ports across the world.


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