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JAC Electric Light Trucks N55EV Start Operation in Brazil

Recently, a batch of JAC electric light trucks N55EV was officially handed over to Pepsi Brazil for operation. With a number of customized features, the trucks have gone through a series of stringent tests before embarking on their journey to Brazil.

At the handover ceremony, Mr. Eduardo, CEO of Pepsi Brazil welcomed the arrival of JAC electric light trucks, saying his company will work closely with JAC to promote greener transportation.

Currently, JAC boasts a wide spectrum of light trucks with their maximum power reaching 130 kW and their maximum torque reaching 1,200 N.m. Equipping with independently developed vehicle control systems, safety airbags, panoramic view cameras, lithium iron phosphate batteries (96.7 kWh), JAC electric light truck is able to drive over 200 km continuously. With fast and slow recharging modes available, it can be recharged with 80% of energy in 90 minutes.


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