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Heavy Truck Sales Expected to Pass 90,000 Mark in June In May, there was a saying the sales volume of heavy truck was hard to surpass 80,000 units. As a result, the real situation was beyond expectation with the sales volume reaching 93,000 units. In the last month of the first half year, the sales volume of heavy truck maintained a high level, reaching almost 90,000 units. In June, the sales volume of overall heavy truck market is around 89,000 units, up by 50% over last year’s 59,000 units, which means the hot trend in the heavy truck market remains the same.
Heavy Truck Sales Expected to Pass 90,000 Mark in June

According to statistics, the sales volume of heavy trucks in the first half year is 577,000 units. If this trend can be maintained, the sales volume is not hard to break through 900,000 units for the whole year. How the top 10 enterprises perform in such a good situation?

First Group: Jiefang and Dongfeng see better performance than the industrial average

The overall heavy truck market decreases 4% over last month, but Jiefang and Dongfeng see better performance.

In June, Jiefang sells about 20,000 units, holding the No.1 position again, up by 71% year on year and roughly the same compared with last month.

In addition to Jiefang, Dongfeng sells 19,000 units, down by 3% over last month, but up by 64% year on year. The accumulative sales volume in the first 6 months is up by 70% year on year.

Two other enterprises of the top 5—SINOTRUK and SHACMAN have no change in ranking. The sales volumes of the two are 15,500 units and 13,000 units, up by 47% and 41% year on year respectively, but down by 12% and 15% over last month respectively.

According to SHACMAN, in June, it sold over 13,000 units. In the first 6 months, the sales volume of civil use products surpasses 70,000 units, up by 120% year on year. The market share increases by 1.6 percentage points.

As for SINOTRUK, it has orders up to over 10,000 units reserved for next month. The market is in good momentum.

Second group: Hongyan  leaps forward to No.6

Compared to the relatively stable ranking in the first group, the second group has witnessed dramatic changes in ranking. Hongyan surpasses JAC, and Dayun and JAC has little gap in single month’s sales.

In June, Hongyan has the eye-catching performance again. It sells 3,800 units, up by 149% year on year. The sales volume in the first 6 months is 20,000 units, up by 149% year on year.

It’s worth noticed that since 2017, Hongyan has seen dramatic increase for 6 consecutive months and the sales volume in each months is all doubled over the same period of last year (in January 1,807 units, up by 120% year on year; in February, 3,813units, up by 150% year on year; in March, 4,017units, up by 160% year on year; in April, 4,117 units, up by 134% year on year; in May 4,183 units, up by 150% year on year and in June, 3,800 units, up by 149% year on year). With such a dramatic increase, Hongyan has surpassed JAC. But Hongyan might be overtaken later due to the small gap with JAC.

Also, Dayun has a good performance. In the first 6 months, it sells 15,000 units, up by 47% year on year and up by 8% over last month. It is the only enterprise in top 10 seeing positive growth compared with last month.

(Remarks: the data of June in above article is forecasted by enterprises, not the official data of CAAM.)


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