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Analysis of China Heavy Trucks Markets in April China auto markets encountered sliding situation in April. 1,535,330 vehicles were produced by 73 main auto makers in April, down 15.98%, and 1,552,016 vehicles were sold out in April, down 15.12%. 378,749 commercial vehicles were produced by 81 main commercial vehicle manufacturers in April, down 14.69%, and 409,696 commercial vehicles were sold out in April, down 7.84%%.
Part One: Sales of heavy trucks gliding largely in April

Sales of all three truck models slide in April, especially semi-trailers and tractors.

39,797 heavy-duty wagons were produced and 37,052 units were sold out, down 8.83% and 5.76% over precious month; 30, 563 and 43,280 driving cabs and chassis were produced and sold out, down 34.01% and 19.57%. 21,570 semi-trailers were produced, down 30.55%, and 23,129 units were sold, down 32.01%. Altogether 89,185 heavy trucks were produced in April, down 24.43% over March and down 16.2% over last year.

Part Two: Analysis of heavy trucks from Jan. to April

Although sales of trucks slide largely in April, the overall markets kept a higher level. Sales of wagons and driving cab and chassis increased, especially wagons. While sales of tractors decreased largely.

Production of wagons, driving cab and chassis as well as semi-trailers amounted to 127,935, 162, 632 and 98,376 vehicles, up 42.01%, -1.74% and -22.83%. And the sales amounts were 131,739, 164, 859 and 99, 855, up 48.6%, 1.45% and -24.64% over last year. 388,943 heavy trucks were produced in April, up 1.53%, and 396,453 vehicles were purchased, up 3.33%.

Part Four: Competing situation on China heavy truck markets: FAW Jiefang affected by sliding of tractors

Dongfeng Company ranked the first on sales of heavy trucks again in April, and 83,370 Dongfeng trucks were sold out, up 9.46% over last year; Sinotruk ranked the second, while their market shares decreased by 0.25%. 63,598 FAW trucks were sold out, down 25.79%, affected by the sliding sales of tractors. Shaanxi Auto and Foton still listed the fourth and fifth, up over 17%. In the second tiers of heavy truck makers, sales of JAC increased a little and sales of Dayun Trucks grew a lot.
Part Four: Market needs for heavy trucks will be large
In a word, sales of heavy trucks in the second quarter is slightly worse than the first quarter, but the hot sales season will be over after May, but the market needs in June will not be sharply decreased. So the market needs for the second quarter will not be so bad.



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