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113,000 Heavy-duty Trucks Were Sold in March

According to the latest statistics, in March this year a total of 113,000 heavy-duty trucks were sold in China, with a year-on-year decline of 24 percent because of the virus outbreak.
Top Ten Heavy-duty Truck Sales in March, 2020
113,000 Heavy-duty Trucks Were Sold in March

The sales volume ranking was still led by FAW Jiefang brand with monthly sales of 25,000 units.

In the second place, Dongfeng lost 28 percent from the previous year, selling 22,500 units, overtaking SINOTRUK which declined by 30 percent with sales at 17,000 units.

In fourth place, SHACMAN lost 22 percent from the previous year with 19,000 sales, followed by Foton with 11,000 sales(-5%), Hongyan with 5005 sales (-9%), JAC with 5200 units (+18%), Dayun with 2622 (-16%), CAMC with 2200 (0%) and in tenth place XCMG with 1850 (1%).

Almost all top ten brands are declining in the first quarter due to COVID-19 outbreak. Indeed, FAW Jiefang still kept dominating the ranking in first quarter with over 33.4% of market share, while losing 1 percent from last year. In second place, Dongfeng with market share at 16.4%, ahead of SINOTRUK with 14.6%. In fourth position SHACMAN with market share at 12.3% followed by Foton at 8.6% and Hongyan at 4.1%. In seventh place, JAC with 4.0%, ahead of Dayun, this gained the eighth position, at 2%. CAMC and XCMG gained the ninth and tenth position respectively, which control together the 3.4 percent of the share.


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