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China truck manufacturer to explore overseas market


(, Sep 16, 2010) Global truck manufacturers are facing the fierce competition coming from commercial vehicle companies of China. China truck manufacturers are not only taking the domestic market, but also marching export market, especially South East Asia and Africa. 

It is disclosed by a report from Auto industry consult company, Alix Partners, in Shanghai that, production volumes of heavy truck and medium commercial vehicle are nearly half of the overall global production in 2009. It is predicted that the strong growing trend of China commercial vehicle production volumes are continuing to grow in 2010, and it will increase 76% by same time at the half of 2010. The truck production volumes will reach 1 million at the first time in 2010 in China.

The strong growing trend has raised the market share of global market for China Auto enterprise, and the production volumes are increased from 20% in 2006 to 49% in 2009 at the global market share.

The commercial vehicle demands increase will make 58% contributions to the global industry at new growing market by 2014. Export volumes of China commercial vehicle have been increased 25% by same time at the first half of 2010, and it will reach 134,000. The new growing markets are Africa and South East Asia.



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