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Foton sales in Zhucheng will reach 450,000


(, March 31, 2010) Newly established Zhucheng factory, situated in Shandong province, of Foton assembly workshop, with capacity of 100,000 autos, is put into production. Foton Zhucheng factory has been the largest base of economic commercial vehicle by now, with annual capacity of 450,000 autos production.

Zhucheng factory is the core manufacturing base of Foton Group. Foton has accumulated invested 380,000,000 euros to use as technology innovation to continuously raise Zhucheng factory capacity. Pressing, welding, coating, and assembly have been formed, and the products have been developed two series and 300 varieties, including light and medium trucks and light and medium and heavy construction machineries.

Fast development of Foton Zhucheng factory area has rapidly pulled the rising of parts and components in Shandong province, and it has realized the upgrading and coordinated development of industry chain and obtained great economic and society effect. 



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