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2 units XCMG XE360U excavators operated in American oilfield

Date:2022-07-21 Author:Eric

July 21, 2022, Texas, America, The United States is one of the countries with the largest proven oil reserves in the world and the largest oil consumer in the world. In the Midland oilfield in Texas, two units XCMG XE360U excavator are constantly performing rock excavation operations, accelerating the construction of the oil production project. 

XE360U excavator adopts a reinforced working device, matched with the high-pressure system design, which greatly improves the digging force of the bucket and stick. With the support of the high-power cooling system, XE360U excavator can easily work under the high temperature of 46°C, and stands out among many brands with its unique performance advantages. 

In addition, XE360U excavator is also equipped with a high-pressure common rail EFI engine and an intelligent electronic control system that meet North American T4F emissions, with higher operating efficiency and lower fuel consumption. 
In the sand and dust in Midland, XCMG excavators have won high recognition from customers for solid and reliable quality. Chris, the site manager of C&E Construction Company, who undertook the project, said: "That's the first time we cooperated with the Chinese brand. My operator's satisfied with this XCMG excavator. Its performance is completely comparable to other brands. I think we would have a further cooperation with you.

In order to improve the efficiency of equipment use, XCMG overseas service engineers are stationed day and night to provide timely and efficient technical support for the 24-hour uninterrupted operation of the equipment.

As a key breakthrough in the high-end market, the share of XCMG excavators in the US market has steadily increased in recent years. Adhering to the main strategy of internationalization, and guided by market demand, XCMG will continue to use high-quality products to boost customer value and contribute to global engineering construction.

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