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Shaanxi Automobile & Shell join hands to launch the aftermarket platform

Date:2023-05-08 Author:Grace

May 8, 2023, Xi’an, China, Recently, Shaanxi Automobile and Shell's new product launch conference was grandly held in Xi'an.
It is understood that Shaanxi Heavy Duty Truck has always been committed to integrating the resources of the truck ecosystem to enhance customer experience, provide users with one-stop comprehensive services as the starting point, launch a super customer APP, and realize the most distinctive ecological service chain, efficient supply chain and complete life chain in the industry. At present, more than 40,000 kinds of original accessories have been sold on the platform, and 1,200 Shaanxi Heavy Duty Truck channels have also been recruited to participate in online operations. Shaanxi Automobile adheres to customer-centered, realizes the perfect integration of the two sectors of "auto parts" and "human life", and strives to create maximum value for customers.

As an one-stop Internet application platform for comprehensive solutions for customers, through the integration of industrial chain resources, the entire process of vehicle purchase, maintenance, accessories, insurance, life, etc. is online, full demand docking, full contact response, and one-click direct access client. The APP is to open up a new marketing track. By creating an operation center circle with "service + accessories" as the core, it will start a new round of comprehensive integration of marketing digitalization and the Internet, explore new developments in the online industry, and realize user lifestyle changes, providing customers with the best commercial vehicle digital experience.

The newly released three special oils for high-end diesel engines can meet the lubrication needs of various models in multiple road conditions and applications, help equipment enhance anti-wear protection, extend oil change intervals, reduce the total cost of customers, and help customers achieve cost reduction and efficiency increase.

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