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ZF to collaborate with Wolfspeed to establish R&D center in Germany

Date:2023-05-15 Author:Mark

May 15, 2023, Germany, ZF and Wolfspeed will establish a research and development center in Germany to provide advanced silicon carbide semiconductor technology.

The collaboration aims to create a new silicon carbide technology network in Europe by developing breakthrough innovations in the entire value chain from modules to complete systems, significantly shortening time to market. The joint research and development center will meet the needs of all travel sectors, including passenger cars, commercial vehicles, agricultural vehicles, industrial vehicles, and the industrial and renewable energy markets. The collaboration will also promote the development of related technologies, such as pursuing higher efficiency, increasing power density, and improving the performance of various electrification solutions. Wolfspeed has expertise in silicon carbide, and ZF has the ability to enter all travel sectors, enabling new technologies to transition quickly and seamlessly.
To establish a comprehensive European silicon carbide technology network, ZF and Wolfspeed have also partnered with other major organizations in the scientific and industrial sectors. As such, ZF will share key research findings from European standards as a member of the European Center for Power Electronics (ECPE).

The research and development center is critical to the transformation of European energy and travel and will support the implementation of European strategic goals. Furthermore, optimizing silicon carbide technology can promote industry transformation and increase the independence of the European supply chain.

Wolfspeed CEO Gregg Lowe said, "The research and development center further strengthens our partnership with ZF and highlights our long-term efforts in the silicon carbide power electronics field. It is with this dedication that we have been able to leverage over 35 years of experience and turn it into unique technology, providing first-class solutions for our industry partners."

Stephan von Schuckmann, a member of the ZF Group Board of Directors, said, "Through this strategic collaboration, ZF, one of the world's leading suppliers of electric drive systems, and Wolfspeed, the most recognized expert in silicon carbide technology globally, have come together. The collaboration is unique and will help drive significant progress in silicon carbide-based electrical and electric drive systems. It is through the close connection between this research and development center and production that all of this will become a reality. Because, fundamentally, redesigned silicon carbide chips require new production processes."

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