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Weichai Power with a brand value of RMB70.624 billion yuan

Date:2023-05-16 Author:Eric

May 16, 2023, Zhejiang, China , On May 11, the 2023 China Brand Value Evaluation Information Release Conference was held in Zhejiang. Weichai Power's brand value reached 70.624 billion yuan, an increase of 11.48% compared to last year's 63.351 billion yuan. Its brand strength index of 958 ranked first in the field of mechanical equipment manufacturing.
The China Brand Value Evaluation Information Release Conference is one of the theme activities of China Brand Day. It is jointly organized by the China Brand Building Promotion Association, Xinhua News Agency, and the China Asset Appraisal Association. It has been held for ten years and follows international and national standards, adhering to the principles of "scientific, fair, open, and recognized" work. It has gained increasing attention and recognition from society.

In recent years, Weichai has adhered to technological leadership and innovation-driven development, leveraging both traditional and new energy power to achieve high-quality development and build a "Made in China" gold-standard brand. Its brand cluster effect and influence are becoming increasingly significant. Views:

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