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Senyuan Homa attended Police Equipment Expo!

Date:2023-05-18 Author:Nancy

May 18, 2023, Beijing, China, From May 11th to 14th, the 11th China International Police Equipment Expo was grandly held at the Beijing Shougang Exhibition Center. Senyuan Homa showcased its advanced technology police vehicles and equipment at the event.
At this exhibition, Senyuan Homa focused on showcasing their leading communication command vehicles, which can quickly reach the scene of emergencies and establish necessary communication command systems. Upon arrival at the scene, these vehicles can use 5G video transmission to report the situation to the command center, establish audio and video communication, and utilize drones to capture and upload panoramic images of the scene. This setup allows for the establishment of an on-site command post, ensuring seamless communication with the rear command center. It effectively bridges the "last mile" of digital policing through a flat and rapid command system.

Senyuan Homa also unveiled its highly anticipated mobile policing platform, which can be used by public security agencies for law enforcement, security prevention, checkpoint patrols, and targeted surveillance at key locations. This platform enables grid-based alarm deployment, three-dimensional patrols, seamless integration, and rapid response, forming a modern policing mechanism.

The mobile communication command platform integrates communication command systems, intelligent control systems, video conferences, and other public security software systems. It enables visualized command decision-making, incident transmission, and dispatching of personnel, materials, and vehicles.

Overall, Senyuan Homa's technology-driven police vehicles and equipment showcased at the expo demonstrate their commitment to providing precise and efficient services for grassroots public security operations throughout the country.

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