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120 Units! FAST Gaining Prominence in the European Market

Date:2023-09-07 Author:Rosy

September 7, 2023, China, Recently, 120 high-end commercial vehicles equipped with FAW Jiefang FAST E shift 6-speed AMT (Automated Manual Transmission) are set to embark on their journey to the European continent. These vehicles aim to enhance customer operational efficiency and provide European users with an extraordinary new experience.
European customers have extremely high expectations for overall vehicle quality and are particularly discerning when it comes to core components. FAW Jiefang FAST E shift AMT, with its mature intelligent control strategy, full helical gear design, precision gear manufacturing technology, and lightweight all-aluminum alloy design, is poised to offer customers a cost-effective, effortless, and worry-free experience.

By showcasing Chinese manufacturing excellence and fulfilling the responsibilities of a state-owned enterprise, FAST E shift AMT leverages its core technology advantages, backed by fully independent intellectual property rights, to deliver satisfying after-sales service and further expand its presence in the European market. Views:

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