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Weichai Engines to Power Ferretti Super Yachts

Date:2023-09-19 Author:Eric

September 19, 2023, Italy, On September 11th, local time, Mr. Tan Xuguang visited the Ancona factory, the manufacturing base of Ferretti Group's super yachts, under Weichai Group, in the capital of the Marche region of Italy, Ancona. During his visit, he gained in-depth insights into the production of CRN and CUSTOM LINE yachts over the past few years.
With strong support from Weichai Group, Ferretti Super Yacht Group successfully landed in the European capital market once again on June 27th this year, achieving dual listings in the two major international financial centers of Hong Kong and Milan. The company's operations continue to improve, with yacht orders at full capacity, and all six shipyards are operating at full production.

Mr. Tan Xuguang mentioned that since the strategic restructuring, Ferretti has been targeting the high-end global market, strengthening research and development investments, enhancing operational efficiency, and driving digital transformation. They have continually adjusted their global market layout and, under their umbrella, the seven major yacht brands have been leading the luxury yacht industry's development, creating a crown jewel in the global yacht sector. Views:

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