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XCMG Group's First Power Battery Rolls off the Line

Date:2023-10-23 Author:Alice

October 23, 2023, China, On October 17th, the first power battery by XCMG Group was rolled off the assembly line and officially unveiled at XCMG New Energy Power Technology Co., Ltd.
This project, with a total investment of approximately 1 billion RMB, occupies an area of 200 acres and is designed to establish multiple industry-leading power battery PACK production lines. In just four months since the start of construction on May 28th, XCMG Power has made significant strides, including contract signing, factory handover, production line integration, and product release, achieving remarkable speed in the green track.

The debut of XCMG Group's first power battery marks a significant breakthrough in their autonomous development of power batteries, paving the way for enhanced development efficiency and ensuring the safety of core components supply.

The X01 power battery presented in this release is a joint effort by XCMG Group and BYD. This battery adopts BYD blade-shaped cells, offering advantages such as low expansion rate, low heat diffusion rate, and high spatial utilization. It particularly excels in safety and stability, leading the industry in this regard.

Innovatively adopting a double-layer cell stacking approach, which is a departure from the industry's common single-layer stacking, this battery pack achieves a further improvement in space utilization. Coupled with a high-strength PACK design and a super-efficient thermal management system, it is suitable for a wide range of applications, including heavy trucks, light trucks, and cranes, effectively meeting the diverse operational requirements of commercial vehicles and construction machinery. Views:

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