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Batch of Zoomlion Mining Machinery Shipped to Ecuador


On January 17th, a batch of mining wide-body vehicles set off from Zoomlion Mining Machinery Production Base in Changsha to help Ecuador's metal mine construction, and achieved a good start of Zoomlion Mining Machinery in South America market in 2024.

The ZT115A mining wide-body trucks shipped in batches is a "customized version" designed by Zoomlion based on the high-horsepower wide-body trucks that have achieved great success in the domestic market and specially optimized for overseas use conditions and habits. With a rated load of 75 tons, it has the advantages of strong power, large loading capacity, strong structure and high transportation efficiency, and is a transportation weapon for various open-pit mines.

Since its launch, ZT115A mining wide-body truck has been favored by many overseas customers with its excellent performance, and its products continue to sell well. At present, it has spread all over Southeast Asia, Middle East, Africa and other places.

This good start has laid a solid foundation for further expanding the South American market.


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