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Increased by 153%, Fast LanChi Leads the new energy commercial vehicle market

Date:2024-07-01 Author:Olivia

With the booming development of the new energy commercial vehicle market, Fast Gear LanChi products have taken the lead in the market with their excellent performance and continuous technological innovation. According to statistics, in May 2024, the sales volume of Fast Gear LanChi's new energy products increased by 153% year-on-year, and the cumulative sales volume from January to May increased by 105% year-on-year, continuing to maintain its leading position in the industry.
 From traditional heavy-duty truck transmissions to new energy drive systems, the extension of Fast's "King of Glory" is not accidental. The head of the new energy business department said that this is inseparable from the general background of the growth of the new energy heavy-duty truck industry, and it is also the result of Fast's new energy strategic layout and continuous efforts.
For many years, Fast has always been deeply engaged in the main business of commercial vehicle transmission systems. Driven by the practice of the concept of "producing one generation, trial-producing one generation, developing one generation, and conceiving one generation", product research and development has continuously achieved self-transcendence and self-elimination. Faced with the trend of the "new four modernizations" of automobiles, Fast invested a lot of R&D resources in the field of new energy early on, and formally established a new energy research institute in 2016, continuously increasing R&D investment in the field of new energy, and took the lead in breaking through product technology bottlenecks. In 2021, Fast's new energy products represented by the 6E240 pure electric drive system quickly increased in volume and became the "star" standard of new energy heavy-duty trucks. Subsequently, Fast continued to launch innovative products, such as the "transmission + motor" two-in-one product and the "transmission + motor + motor controller" three-in-one integrated electric drive system, and continued to lead the iteration and upgrade of new energy heavy-duty trucks.
With the expansion of the application scope of new energy heavy trucks, the demand for power system upgrades has become more urgent. Since the beginning of this year, Fast's new energy products have grown significantly in the new energy muck trucks, mining trucks, port tractors and other market segments, especially the installation volume of 18-ton new energy sanitation trucks, which has increased exponentially.
For the full-scenario application of new energy commercial vehicles, Fast provides a full power chain solution for pure electric and hybrid drive systems including transmissions, motors, electronic controls, and electric drive axles. The head of the new energy business department said that the integration of new energy power systems based on the entire industry chain is Fast's advantage. In terms of pure electric technology, Fast LanChi FS4E200-2E three-in-one electric drive system adopts an integrated design of flat wire high-speed motor + motor controller + deceleration + four-speed full helical gear transmission. It is not only of high quality and reliability, but also light and efficient. It uses Fast's independently developed TCU/VCU software platform and is widely used in 31-49 ton new energy heavy-duty trucks. In terms of hybrid power, Fast has two architectures: P2 (the motor is placed at the input end of the transmission, between the engine and the transmission) and DHT (hybrid-specific transmission), covering 4.5-60 ton hybrid models.
Looking to the future, Fast will continue to optimize two-in-one and three-in-one new energy products, improve dual-motor solutions, and meet the high-power requirements of new energy heavy-duty trucks. At the same time, based on the current actual operation data feedback, we will continue to iterate and upgrade the electric drive axle products, and expand from integrated electric drive axles to distributed electric drive axles. In addition, Fast will also quickly deploy key technology areas such as silicon carbide motor controllers to achieve simultaneous improvement in the economy and competitiveness of Fast's new energy products.

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