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Dongfeng heavy truck attracts South East customers


(, June 3, 2010) It is learned by that the customer representatives from Malaysia, Thailand and Indonesia have visited Shiyan base of Dongfeng commercial vehicle. After the customers have learned the status of commodity line of commercial vehicle, KD and after-sales status, both parties have decided to explore South East Asia market.

Dongfeng commercial vehicle has organized delegation researched South East Asia market. It is found that Dongfeng commercial vehicle has a great potential at ASEAN market. And it has provided broad development space for China commercial vehicles. 

The delegation from Indonesia said, Dongfeng commercial vehicle has displayed world class quality by the review of Dongfeng commercial vehicle manufacture process. The confidence of both parties’ cooperation has been strengthened, and he hopes that more and more qualified Dongfeng vehicles will be introduced into Indonesia market. 



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