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Volvo to cooperate with Dongfeng

(, Sep 3, 2010) It is published by Volvo on August 19th 2010 that China related department has approved Sinotruk to purchase the shares of Jinan Huawo truck company limited hold by Volvo. It means that the cooperation of Volvo and Sinotruk has ended 30 years’ cooperation relationships in advance, and Volvo has also get rid off the triangle relationships between “Volvo, Sinotruk, and MAN”.

The industry expert regards that Volvo group is to cooperate with the third auto manufacturer Dongfeng Auto after it has ended the cooperation relationship with Sinotruk. Dongfeng has represented that Volvo shall quite the program in Shandong Huawo.

Volvo is ready to cooperate with Dongfeng.


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