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JAC, Navistar and NC2 to cooperate with each other

(, Sep 16, 2010) It is learned by reporter that the agreement signing ceremony of JAC, Navistar and NC2 is to begin to hold in Beijing on Sep 16th 2010. Then, JAC, Navistar and NC2 will sign the JV agreement in a formal way.

Great market performance of China heavy truck in 2009 has given lots of confidence and drive to Navistar to march China market. Navistar has made great preparations and it takes two years to search for cooperation partners. After lots of comparison and selection process, JAC has been selected at last.

At the moment, JAC has developed quickly at medium and heavy truck area. Once the JV Company has been established, the advantages and technologies applied on heavy truck of NC2 will rapidly promoted the market share of medium and heavy truck of JAC.

It is disclosed by the report that NC2 is responsible for the negotiation process of JAC completely vehicle, and the parent company Navistar is taking the charge of engine program.



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