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The one millionth light truck of JAC to roll off the line

(, Sep 20, 2010) It is disclosed by the latest news that domestic sales volume of JAC in August has reached 11,800, and the accumulated sales volume in China has reached 130,000, which has increased 35% by same time. The one millionth light truck of JAC is to be roll off the line because of fast increase of sales volumes. The one millionth light truck is the fourth generation light truck, which is N721. N721 is a light truck facing top end logistics and fast transportation light truck.

It is analyzed by experts that one million is a large number in commercial vehicle field, and it has displayed the “JAC Auto speed” of 20 years. It is a miracle in China auto industry development, and it is also the example for China Auto development mode.

N721 is designed as “leading in China and first class in the world” vehicle in accordance with the customer requirement of top end light truck users. It will be higher than the current Shuailing and will satisfy city logistics customers’ requirements of “high efficiency, more comfortable, great power, and excellent security”.  


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