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HOWO 70 mining vehicle of Sinotruk put into market in batch

(, Sep 25, 2010) The newly developed Sinotruk HOWO series 70 mining broad load special vehicle from July to September has got increasing orders and it has been put into market in batch.

It is learned by reporter that the standard overall weight of HOWO series 70 mining vehicle is 70 tonnages, and the overall design has adopted broad vehicle frame, and single driving cab structure. It has not only increased load and dumper abilities of mining vehicle, but also decreased center of gravity of completely vehicle further. It has guaranteed that the center of gravity is more stable when the mining vehicles have loaded large tonnage of minerals.

The design has complied with the actual operation conditions. Compared with the ordinary mining vehicle with high center of gravity, HOWO series 70 mining vehicles are safer and have owned broad market potential.


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