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Market scale of special purpose vehicles to reach 2 million

(, Sep 27, 2010) Special purpose vehicle manufacturers in China have reached nearly 900 at the moment as the fast development of national special purpose vehicle market recently. In terms of products quality, design, and marketing of special purpose vehicles, these SPV enterprises are developing quite fast. The main stream market of future special purpose vehicles will be gathered at city construction, service and road transportation and management areas. It includes various brands of the special purpose vehicles.

It is predicted that the scale of China special purpose vehicles in 2010 will reach 2 million. At the moment, classic Quanshun and New generation Quanshun of JMC Quanshun are both marching to special purpose vehicle area. Huachen and Benz special purpose vehicles have delegated DlouhyGmbH to establish special purpose vehicle technology Service Company.

It shows that special purpose vehicles are facing more and more competitions and challenges, at the same time, it also owns broad development space. JMC Quanshun has hold the itinerant exhibition of new generation Quanshun in 2010. It aims to take the active position in future market competition, and establish “experts on SPV” image among the customers.


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