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Sinotruk cooperates with Chengdu Wangpai

(, Oct 12, 2010) Sinotruk Chengdu Wangpai Commercial Vehicle Company Limited invested by Sinotruk and Chengdu Wangpai auto is inaugurated in Qingbaijiang on Sep 28th, 2010. The both parties will fully take advantage of bilateral resources in accordance with agreement. It will develop heavy, medium and light as well as mini commercial vehicles and other auto products business. It will set up the JV Company to be the important commercial vehicle base with annual capacity of 400,000 commercial vehicles in China. 

Sinotruk has realized 8,600 million Euros sales revenue in 2010. However, there is some risk lies in the single production mode, and heavy truck has a very high reliability of national infrastructure contribution. 

During “twelve five “period, Chengdu Wangpai business is to become the important program of South West area segment of Sinotruk strategic arrangement. And the base in Chengdu will promote commercial vehicle business development in South West area.


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