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Self researched top end city fire vehicle realizes batch production

(, Nov 3, 2010) It is learned by reporter that the city fire vehicle researched by FAW has been realized batch production. At the moment, FAW has received the orders with 106 city fire vehicles. It will deliver 50 vehicles to Jining fire department and 33 vehicles to Hunan fire department by the end of Jan of 2011. The other 23 vehicles will be delivered to Zhejiang and Qingdao customers by the end of Feb in 2011.

The city fire vehicle has adopted FAW self produced Aowei 350 horsepower engine, and could match the water pump with 100 liter every second, and it could work at the rescue site more than consecutive 8 hours in accordance with the introduction. It is the leading product compared to the counterparts in the country.

The fire vehicle has also equipped with automated transmission and the speeding up performance is quite great, which has improved the attendance rate rapidly.


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