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HINO 700 series heavy truck satisfies with National IV emission

(, Dec 28, 2010) HINO has displayed HINO 700 series heavy truck National IV vehicle on Guangzhou Exhibition Show in order to satisfy with the updated national emission standard. Different from the SCR off-gas disposal technology adopted by many commercial vehicle enterprises, HINO has equipped with more reliable and stable DOC post-treatment system to guarantee off-gas emission standard.

HINO is making great efforts to expand self production line in order to satisfy with national and international demands and the differential top end demands of customers. It is introduced by the higher management level of HINO that HINO has promoted 8x4 chassis vehicle to meet high loading capacities demands and segment market demands. The vehicles could be equipped to be mixer vehicle, dumper, and van, etc.

HINO will also promote vehicles equipped with GPS in order that the optimization demands of the vehicles of medium and large logistics company will be satisfied. The rear axle 3.076 vehicle will be promoted as well. 


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