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Vehicle mode industry in Shanghai develops fast

(, March 29, 2010) Private enterprise and foreign-funded enterprise constitute the main force of mold industry in Shanghai, and they apply various mold software representing the most advanced level of the whole world, such as, catia, ug, pro/e, cimatron, etc.

The information management technology, such as, cad/cam/cae integration technology, 3D design technology, and lots of high-tech, such as, high speed machining, instant forming, reverse engineering, hot runner, vericut, and internet technology, have adopted by these enterprise. Some enterprises even propose the strategy of “production specialized, branding imaged, enterprise modernized, market internationalized.”

As one of the centers of economy, finance, information, and trade in China, Shanghai has been growing tremendously fast after the “reform and open” policy has been implemented. Shanghai mold industry has developed so fast based on the solid foundation and beneficiary policy that many enterprises in Shanghai own the mold design software, especially for large and medium jet molding, tooling, and precise die mold, etc, representing the advanced level in the world. Various kinds of machining and measuring equipments, such as, 5-axis machining center, CMM, .meet the growing need of Shanghai mold. Shanghai has become the important base of mold fabrication for the fast development of automotive mold.


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