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Sinotruck establish Qingdao Industrial park

(, March 29, 2010) The new factory foundation-laying ceremony of heavy truck held in high-tech zone of Qingdao, and this new factory is to become the leading research, development and production base for heavy truck and special vehicle.

The new factory establishment has a significant meaning to sound and fast development of Sinotruck market. Qingdao industrial park for Sinotruck is to be the first-rate base for research and development, production, and export of domestic special vehicle.

It is not only the important fruit of applying “protection surround bay, development between bay” strategy in Qingdao, but also the achievement of structure adjustment, change of production mode, and stable development speed. The new factory establishment will certainly promote the building and development of advanced equipment manufacturing industry chain in Qingdao national high-tech zone.

The new factory after establishment is to realize capacity expansion and resource optimization, and create the favorable conditions for elevation of products structure, management level, and enterprise benefit, and become the foundation of enterprise continuing improvement.



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