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Auto sales volume increase in Jan. and Feb. of 2010

(, March 29, 2010) Automotive sales volume in January and February has obviously increased over the same period of previous year, which indicates the growing trend of auto industry, especially the heavy truck, special vehicle, and mini bus.

From March, heavy truck industry is to catch the busy season and maintain the growing state under the stimulation of logistics and infrastructure. The hot sale of heavy truck and increase of benefit hope to become the catalyst for stock price rising. China Heavy Truck and Weichai Powers are the focus recommendations in the above mentioned circumstances.

It is predicted that the car sales in 2010 is to increase 15-20% and price is to normally fall 3-5%. The stable increasing parts and assembly leading enterprise is our preference, recommended Fuyao glass, Huayu auto, and Zhongding stock.

The estimated value after adjustment of car leading enterprise is relatively reasonable, and swing trading opportunity is still remaining because of increased sales and growing benefit.

It is suggested by us that the investment opportunity order in the next month is heavy truck, parts and components and finished automobile. 



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