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Commercial vehicle volume increase in the first half of the year

(, March 29, 2010) Commercial vehicle volume has been tremendously increased in the first half of the year, and fall back in next half of the yaer. Buses and heavy trucks will be selected as the example to analyze in commercial vehicle field. Besides that, auto parts and components can be configured as the followings: the first one if merger and acquisition will be raised in industry, the second one is new energy auto industry will be promoted in March.

At the present time, the whole auto industry has won 15 times less profits of PE ratio. Under the stimulation of high sales volume in the next three months, the broad market movements will be growing. Evaluation assessment of commercial vehicle in second quarter will be increased, and the investment group is: Weichai, Yaxing buses, FAW, Huaxiang Ningbo, and Dong’an Dynamic.



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