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Daimler recalls partial defective truck and chassis in mainland China

(, April 14, 2010) It is learned by the reporter that Daimler is to recall partial defective truck and chassis because of the potential safety hazard.

On behalf of Daimler Share Company, Daimler Northeast Asia Investment Co., Ltd. submitted the recall report to National Bureau of Quality Inspection according to the related requirements of “Recall Management Regulation of Defective Vehicle”. It is decided that imported defective truck and chassis with potential safety hazard are recalled on April 9, 2010.

Products contained in the recall are the followings. 65 Akesuo (944 series) trucks produced from January 2004 to November 2005 are recalled, because interior of starter of this type is easily rusted when the vehicle started and range increased. It will make the starter wring harness short passed to be on fire. 609 trucks including (309 chassis contained) Aketuosi (930-940series) Akesuo(944,950.5-952.5 series) Adige (970-976series) in mainland China are recalled. Mistakes in the production control file result in the seal caps of driving recorder aren’t install in the factory, which cannot prevent the illegal revision of signal line of driving recorder.

Franchise service center of Mercedes-Benz is to notify related customers on April 9, 2010.

Customers could go to the nearest maintenance station to conduct free check and neccesary maintenance. At the same time, customers could also dial 400-650-1516 or log on official website of National Bureau of Quality Inspection for more information.  



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