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FAW auto has promoted self-researched city fire vehicles

(, April 26, 2010) FAW auto has promoted self-researched city fire vehicles at China Aoto 2010 themed with “ green future” on April 23, 2010. 

This city fire vehicles is designed for 60 national anniversary and it has completed the research within 100 days, which has formed the industrilization within one year. JAW will research the series products of the same family, including rescue vehicle etc. six varieties. It has covered related field and satisfied different requirements.

The driving cab and communication equipments of the fire vehicles are more advanced than the counterparts, and the other technologies are not behide as well. However, sales price of FAW is 35% lower than the counterparts of international market. The fire vehicle is matched with CA6DL engine, and special chassis of FAW. It is not only reliable, but also safe. The 6DM11L displavement engine has been adopted according to the requirements of same series products. It has win lots of expectations because of more superior performance.



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