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Auto perspective in Dongfeng is booming


(, March 29,2010) Reporter has learned at key production line that the perspective in Dongfeng is booming. In the assembly workshop, one “Dongfeng xiaokang” is coming off the line every three minutes. Air-condition automated assembly line of automobile in Shiyan Tianya company is busy and well-organized. Market for parts and components as well as finished automobile is growing so fast.

According to the saying and introduction of management in Dongfeng, the booming prospective is gained from the very beneficial policy and correct decision of local government. Local government is trying great efforts to optimize economical development environment, and put more resources to invest programs, such as 1,000 finished autos of Shiyan Anyuan special purpose vehicle program, capacity expansion for special purpose vehicle program in Dongfeng Shiye.

Production and sales volume is increased redoubled because of consumption demand and beneficiary policy, and it is predicted that the booming prospective will be continuing. 



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