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Sinotruk cooperates with Behr

(, May 17, 2010) Opening ceremony of Behr Jinan Thermal System Co., Ltd has been hold in Jinan high-tech area on May 13th, 2010. It is the first subsidiary in China established by German Behr.

German Behr Group is an important supplier of air-conditioner system and engine cooling system of global auto industry. It has cooperated with global leading sedan manufacturer and commercial vehicle manufacture for a long time. The annual sales volume is 3 billion. German Behr has signed long period agreement with Sinotruk in November 2008. Behr decided to establish plant in Jinan in February 2009, and Behr Jinan has launched production in December 2009.

As the largest heavy truck production base in China, sales volume of Sinotruk from January and April is 78,000 in 2010, and it has increased 70% by same time. At present, ZF, Voss, Behr and other famous manufacture have established plants in Jinan. Behr Jinan Company has adopted Sinotruk development speed, and monthly production of cooling modal is 150,000, and it has created a miracle of overseas enterprise’s operation mode in China.  



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